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    Tether connects streamers & casters with tournament organizers
  • 2
    Distributing and updating overlays made easy, not just for the TO, but also the streamer
  • 3
    Detailed statistics are included to provide additional value for sponsors
Tether Features Diagram
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    Tournament organizer registers a new tournament on the platform and sets up a basic set of sponsor overlays
  • 2
    Streamer looks for a tournament to cast, reads the rules and applies to stream the games
  • 3
    Tournament organizer approves the streamer (can be switched to auto approval)
  • 4
    Streamer receives a link to the overlay and adds it to their streaming software

The dashboard provides an overview of all third party streamers


Setup your brand's assets in minutes with our simple to use overlay editor

Overlay Editor

Adding, updating, removing and managing your sponsor overlays and assets for third party coverage was never easier and faster. Instead of having to send Google Drive links to each individual streamer, with the click of a button, each and everyone who is covering the tournament can be updated through the platform. As effective as it is simple.

Stats stats stats

Stats Dashboard

Detailed statistics are the heart of KPI reporting to partners and sponsors. We took the core reporting module we already used for *Cloak* and extended it to support a wide range of individual statistics.

For the first time, using third party streamers offers the possibility to add significant value for your partners by adding new viewership groups that originally would not watch the tournament but do so through their favourite personality.


How much will Tether cost?
Tether is free! We will be introducing a Premium plan for organizers that want to get more from this service. Things like detailed stats reports and dynamic sponsor elements.
What if a streamer doesn't use OBS?
The link streamers receive is just a website with some magic at it's core. Adding that is really simple: For XSplit, that would be a *Webpage Source*, Streamlabs OBS calls it *Browser Source* just like OBS and every other major streaming software supports browser sources as well.
Does Tether only work with Dota streams?
While Tether is made with Dota in mind, it is built to support any platform and game. Are you curious about using Tether as an easy to use way to add third party streamers to your gaming event and push viewership in this new and interesting way? Shoot us an email!
Will I have to manually show and hide the overlay scene?
Everything can be automated by setting up GSI (a simple file in your Dota directory) the overlays automatically show and hide for matches that are part of the event. We also use the same system to detect if you are spectating the draft and adapt the sponsor boxes to better match the layout.

The platform launches this month!

If you are an organizer that wants to get started as soon as possible, email us below


The tech behind Tether can be used for not only managing third party streamers, we are also working on a new way for professional teams and stream teams to distribute overlays and sponsor assets to everyone streaming under their umbrella.

Interested? We'd love to hear from you via the email above.