Engage your audience

Crowd is a platform for engaging directly with a live event as an audience member.

  • 1
    Make your live event more than the show at hand by increasing interactivity
  • 2
    Disseminate information to event attendees through a centralized location they always have on hand
  • 3
    Provide sponsors another avenue to reach and engage with viewers
  • 1
    Display QR code + URL on venue screen
  • 2
    Audience uses their phones to scan the QR code or enter the short URL
  • 3
    A page is loaded on the users phone that allows for instant interaction
  • 4
    Results of the user action can then immediately be reflected on the main venue screen

Team Voting

Engage with the audience by having them cheer on a team

We have flexibility here to allow viewers to vote on just about anything both in venue and at home

Trivia & Game Shows

Engage the audience during downtime by providing trivia and games.

Award points to your audience and allow them to redeem prizes or merch if you so choose.

Cosplay Competitions

Direct audience voting helps viewers feel involved in the decision making for competitions.

Alternatives such as "cheering loudness" can introduce bias from the decision maker when there are not any clear winners.

Map Tag

Gather information on your audience demographics and provide another method of engagement for downtime during your events.

Watching tournaments doesn't have to be a one-way street

Let's talk about engaging your audience