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Underlords Launch Stream

Valve engaged us to provide the full broadcast environment for the Underlords Launch Party to be hosted within.

This included dynamic live scenes with 3D renders, in-game graphics, and community participation through QR code raffles.

Panel scene

Here we had caster video feeds join in and out through windows that we animated open and closed.

All of this interaction was controlled by the director and integrated into the rest of the broadcast feeds.

In-game scene

Various animations and graphics were added to tie the broad story the casters were building in with the games that were happening.

Community participation

We used QR codes and to conduct raffles and polls for viewers at home through their mobile device.


Remote Play Together - Steam Sale

We worked with Valve to launch their new feature called "Steam Remote Play"

Scenes were built to showcase how players are can game together remotely while still feeling like they are sitting on the same couch

This scene was built as a two player variation of the previous one.


Midas Mode 2

Midas Mode 2.0

We worked in partnership with Moonduck to bring one of the most crazy events in the Dota scene.

Fresh concepts were enabled by customization within Dota and custom interactive graphics provided by Layerth

Drafting System

One of the core parts of midas mode is the economy behind drafting heroes.

Layerth built the dynamic system to support this unique idea and showcase it on the stream

Break Scene

Our team also handled general graphics for the stream including: break scenes, brackets, leaderboards, and brand integration.


To help visualize the regional brackets we created custom designed graphics that hooked into the data needed to display the current standings.

Lower Thirds

Most events need lower thirds for their broadcast and we've created a series of lower third options that allow us to quickly provide the functionality and style you need.

Rosh VR

One of the most unique features we've delivered was allowing the audience to control Roshan with a VR headset.

Layerth worked to implement the bridge between the VR system and in-game mechanics of Roshan


Captains Draft 4.0

Captains Draft 4.0

We worked together with Moonduck and PRG to provide all graphics for the official CaptainsDraft 4.0 event.

The next slides showcase some of the scenes created for the event

Break Scene

Player showcase


Lower Thirds

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