Stylus App WindowStylus Presenter Window

A telestrator app built for remote broadcasting

  • Stylus runs on the presenter's PC, allowing the presenter to create video playlists and broadcast them to your studio
  • Stylus Diagram
  • A bundle of tools to help tell the story
  • Stylus Toolset
  • Zoom into key areas on the video and still continue playback or drawing
  • Stylus Zoom Showcase
  • Hot-key based playback, allowing the presenter to focus on the content
  • Stylus Hotkeys
  • The presenter can also add "Pause-markers" which will auto-pause the video at a given time
  • Stylus Pauser-markers Showcase
  • See it in action
  • Kevin Godec forDreamleague

Learn the app in 5 minutes

Your personalities can setup and learn the app in no time, schedule a demo and see for yourself

Technical Requirements

Stylus will soon be a stand-alone app. In the meantime, you will need to use third-party apps to handle capturing the video clips (OBS, vMix). Broadcasting the presenter window has to be done through OBS (, RTMP stream) or a simple Discord stream will do the trick, too.